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Chr-Centric HPP

Russia is a part of the Chromosome Centric Human Proteome Project (Chr18)


January 17, 2018

XII EuPA Congress that will take place in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in June 2018

The Congress will take place on the 16-20 June 2018 at the San Francisco Hotel Monumento, Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). Santiago de Compostela is a historical UNESCO-protected city, famous for its pilgrims' way and its 520 year old university. It is the capital of Galicia and is very close to North Portugal, which makes it an ideal location for this joint meeting. San Francisco Hotel Monumento is 150 m from the Cathedral, right in Santiago de Compostela’s historic city centre.

The Organizing Committee is preparing an exciting scientific program, covering various topics, including cellular proteomics, PTMs, data management and interpretation, clinical proteomics (cancer, cardiovascular & blood proteomics, other diseases), food and nutrition proteomics, microorganisms and microbiota, chemical proteomics (drug discovery), Standardization & Technological Innovation, Proteomics in Agriculture Biotechnology and animal proteomics. Moreover, a EuPA Young Proteomics Investigator Club (YPIC) session will take place on Sunday afternoon, just before the opening lecture. A preliminary programme of the Congress is already available in this webpage and will be updated regularly.

From Official Letter of EuPA Congress Host

October 28, 2017

Translational Microbiome Research Forum

The Translational Microbiome Research Forum is an online resource for scientists engaged in translational microbiome research to access current, topical information and to provide a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas. 

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Russian Postgenome Association (RPA) was created in 2014 to increase national networking among organizations and among individuals to feature deeply interconnected “omics”-based disciplines. 


Mission is encourage Russian molecular biologists, cell biologists, biochemists to the wider use of postgenomic tools in their research.

Russian Human Proteome Organization (RHUPO) was established in 2001. Currently, RHUPO is the National Society to host the international contacts for the life science, including the European Proteomic Association (EuPA)  and other Omics--societies.  RHUPO/RPA expands greatly and counts  200+ members. 

RPA and RHUPO are official bodies of the Russian Association for the Advancement of Science. 

President: Alexander ARCHAKOV


International Cooperation: Oxana TRIFONOVA, Svetlana MURZINA

Young Scientists Club (EuPA): Katerina POVERENNAYA




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