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It costs almost nothing, but one or two emails per year.

Get involved into the molecular biology/biomedicine of  the 21-st century.


Use a chance to create new lab or research group.



cross-omics integration  - cross-talk between "people and molecules" 


synthetic biology as a core for sharing data & opinions


PhD-students and post-docs. Experience at the leading international labs


travel grants, research grants, assembling new groups


promotion of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Plus - bioinformatics!

Chr-Centric HPP

Russia is a part of the Chromosome Centric Human Proteome Project (Chr18)





The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia) is inviting you to participate in the two back-to-back events:


International Conference on Multi-omics Technologies for Precision Medicine, 22-23 November 2021

It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that genomics by itself provides insufficient information for personalized medicine and that adding other ‘omics approaches improves the success rates in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. This conference is devoted to demonstrating the power of multi-omics for precision medicine.

More information http://omics-ssp.com/omics


10th Symposium on Structural Proteomics, 24-25 November 2021

This structural proteomics conference is dedicated to presenting the latest technology development and applications of structural proteomics. The program of the Symposium will cover such topics as cross-linking, HDX, covalent modification, limited proteolysis, ion mobility native MS, affinity labeling, protein structure modeling.

More information http://omics-ssp.com/ssp

Both events will be held in mixed format: offline and online. Specialists around the globe will join the meetings and share their views and results of research in these scientific fields. We are informing you that the number of in-person attendees is restricted.

Deadline for abstract submission is 1 November 2021.

HUPO ReCONNECT 2021: Registration & Call for Abstracts Now Open 


We are glad to inform you about  HUPO ReCONNECT 2021! The program features scientific sessions, mentoring sessions, industry seminars, breakout discussions, networking opportunities and more. 


Please remember that Members of RHUPO/RPA can apply for special registration fee rate as Members of HUPO (and EuPA members).

To register and take part in the program, visit the HUPO ReCONNECT 2021 website to begin your registration and submit your abstract



It might be interesting:


Special Issue "Advances and Future Perspective of Mass Spectrometry Analysis in Proteomics"

This Special Issue of Molecules, which will cover the latest research trends and applications in the field of mass spectrometry and proteomics (protein profiling, protein identification and quantification, protein–protein interaction study, and post-translational modification characterization).

For more details, please visit the website 


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 November 2021.



Russian Postgenome Association (RPA) was created in 2014 to increase national networking among organizations and among individuals to feature deeply interconnected “omics”-based disciplines. 


Mission is encourage Russian molecular biologists, cell biologists, biochemists to the wider use of postgenomic tools in their research.

Russian Human Proteome Organization (RHUPO) was established in 2001. Currently, RHUPO is the National Society to host the international contacts for the life science, including the European Proteomic Association (EuPA)  and other Omics--societies.  RHUPO/RPA expands greatly and counts  200+ members. 

RPA and RHUPO are official bodies of the Russian Association for the Advancement of Science. 



Alexander Archakov

Alexander Archakov

Elena Ponomarenko

Elena Ponomarenko

Andrey Lisitsa

Andrey Lisitsa

Oxana Trifonova

Oxana Trifonova

Katerina Poverennaya

Katerina Poverennaya

Svetlana MURZINA

Svetlana MURZINA


President: Alexander ARCHAKOV

Vise-President: Andrey LISITSA

HUPO/C-HPP: Elena PONOMARENKO (Acting Director of the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry (IBMC))

International Cooperation: Oxana TRIFONOVA (Member of Initiative Committee EuPA), Svetlana MURZINA (Diversity Representative, Member of Communication and Conferences Committee EuPA, HUPO Council 2020-2022).

Young Scientists Club (EuPA): Olga KISELEVA




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